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Are you managing transactions using primitive checklists and physical closing rooms - same way lawyers did it dozens of years ago?

Here's what Closie can do for you:

Made for lawyers

Closie is an easy way to create and manage transactions. Unlike your old-school word-processor tables, Closie's intuitive user interface was built for this purpose. Closie's checklists can be shared with other parties involved, to have one collaborative checklist so everyone is on the same page. Once a document is finalized, you can upload it to Closie and create a virtual online closing room, where you can easily manage signature collection. Partners and senior associates can use Closie as a dashboard that provides an overview of the transaction.

Collaborate with other parties?

Yes! With Closie you can share your transaction checklist with all parties involved in the transaction, so everyone is on the same page. Each user can update the checklist to make sure that it reflects the current status of the transaction. To stay in control, you can view the change history of each item in the list. Having one checklist saves time and effort and keeps the transaction on track.

Prevent awful mistakes

Closie prevents fatal mistakes by ensuring that all documents are in place, deadlines are met, actions are taken and everyone knows exactly what to do.

Transaction dashboard

A quick look at Closie's transaction checklist and you know exactly where the transaction stands - which issues are open and what needs to be done in order to finalize the transaction. Closie's vision is to provide partners and counsels with a short overview of each transaction, to assist in management of the legal work.

Signature collection

Closie provides a special checklist to control the signature collection process during signing and closing. This essential feature helps keep track of one of the most time-consuming aspects of the closing process and prevents mistakes.


Keeping you information secure is a top priority for us at Closie. Closie's team is comprised of both corporate lawyers and information security experts, allowing us to provide security that's above the industry standard. Additionally, using Closie is much safer than sending transaction documents over email.

Use any Device

Closie's web application was built to work on any device - computers, tablets and mobile phone - so you can access your transaction control panel from everywhere.

Virtual closing room

Closie replaces the physical closing room with a virtual closing room, where all final documents can be organized and the signatures can be collected and easily tracked. When the client calls to ask for a closing room just before closing, lawyers who make the smart choice of using Closie will not have to pull another all-nighter and reach the closing deadline totally exhausted. They will, instead, send the log-in information to the virtual closing room, and focus on the important work.

Save time with templates

By cloning Closie's ready-made templates and your own previous checklists, you can save time and avoid creating checklists from scratch. You can also invite other lawyers from your firm to use your checklists as their templates. Transaction management templates structure your work, save time and prevent errors.

User management

Closie's proprietary user management system makes sharing your transaction checklist with colleagues from your own firm and from other firms simple and intuitive. Giving access to the right people increases collaboration and ensures a smooth signing and closing process.

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